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 Ingame rules

Dont Beg/Ask For Staff

Dont Advertise Other Servers,Sites

Dont Scam,Hack,Gltich Or Dupe

Dont Pretend To Be A Member Of Staff

Dont Abuse Staff Powers

Dont Be Racist

Dont Use K0 Items In Pk

No Spamming On Server

Dont Beg For Items

Site rules

No use of cuss words

And respect everyone

Staff rules (Mod+admin)

NO jailing someone for no reason

No selling of staff items of any kind to non-staff including WINGS (Exception: pure white wings)

No copying any donator

No using or obtaining donator items(Unless a donator)

No promotions without consulting Light Wing or Light4speed

If you demote anyone on the staff list you will be demoted or banned

-If you fail at any of these rules you will be demoted and or banned

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