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Lightscape Client Startup Guide


Curent Cient: Client V.4[NO MUSIC]

                        Client V.4[With Soundtrack]

Old Client: ---



Installation Guide


-Windows XP, Vista, 7

-Java Version 6.0 or Greater

-Java JDK Recomended, but not requred

-48mb Free space


Download [Java]: JAVA CLICK HERE 



Note*: If your system is 68bit operating you MUST use guide  [68bit system?] after this one...

1.      Click this Link: Above HERE. Now avoid all the ADS and click this download button:


2.      Open the file and Click RUN on the file options page.

3.      When it finishes Installation program should pop up.

4.      Click next on ALL options and then finish.

5.      Go to Desktop and find [Lightscape-Client V.3]. Click on it!

6.       Final note: Don’t close the black box.

7.      If this is your first time logging in then fill-in Username & Pass with your desired info. Then if you already have an account then log in with that information. See you There!

68bit system?

1. If your system is 68bit then you should see this message when you click run.

2. If you do then you must right click EDIT on the run icon.

3. Next replace the line in the red box [4th line down] with this:

"C:\Program Files (x68)\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xmx500m -cp .;Theme.jar Gui 0 0 lowmem members 32

OLD one:

NEW one:

*Note* (x86) Really sould be (x64) Sorry

7. Now your DONE!

Having Issues Installing? 

 Download unzipping version: Here

Unzip it and run the launcher. 


-If you get Error: Java is not recognized as an external command…

            *Download Java JDK then contact Light4speed

-If Client doesn’t load from shortcut and gets [GIF Error or Cache Error]

            *Redownload client and change file location to MY DOCUMENTS

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