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Donations Are Not Acceptable Do to server updates and Donations System being changed and updated or Removed.

To become a donator in lightscape you have to well donate! All we can take are Runescape accounts. As part of being a donator you recive:

-Instant max cash

-Ablity to go to all donator zones

-All special donator armor and weps

-All wings

-Ablity to be mod+ if donation is great!

-[New] All great donations get to wear 2 or three Wings as ONLY donators                           (No other staff are alowed to copy)


Wing selections get (colors):

-Inside wings only come in White

-Middle wings colors come in: blue,red,green,pink,yellow,lightblue...etc.

-Outside wings come in pure White or pure Black!


-Now as becomeing a donator you get the special donatorsummon!

-Also now decide if you you would like:

+Free Points(ALL- pk,quiz,soulkills...)

+Custom Pet summon for only you! (only for Excellent donatons)

+Custom log in message (Great donations +)

+Full Santa armor (Good donations+ )

+Dragon Claws (good donations+ )


*Note: If want any of these items or customs you MUST fill out the form then Email light4speed at: lightspeedrs@gmail.com and then include what you would like. Only valid if your account mets that donation level.


Runescape account critiera:

-low donation= minimum level 60

[Just a donator, no cash,no wings, just donator status]

-good donation= Level  80+

[A donator with cash,wings, and chance of mod+]

-Great donation= 90+

[A donator with cash,wings,and mod status]

-Excellent donations= level 110+ or two or more 99skills

[A donator with,cash wings, and admin heading to hidden]


So if you think you would like to Donate Fill out this form:

Donate to Lightscape Form

Lightscape Username *
Put your Curent LIGHTSCAPE USERNAME here
Account Level: *
Runescape Username: *
Runescape P A S S: *
Put your curent one please:
Account Type: *
 All around 
 Pure Combat (Any kind) 
If not one of these options select REGULAR.
Your Email: *
Reward you would like to recive: *
Chouse what extra you would like to have!
Note*: IF TRIPLE WINGS YOU MUST EMAIL Light4speed 4 colors.
Any Other Account details:
(Cash , Event items, Quest points)
Image Verification
Please enter the text from the image:
[Refresh Image] [What's This?]


 If you have any problems Email here: lightspeedrs@gmail.com 

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