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Play Lightscape HERE! New amazing server!

Welcome to Lightscape

Welcome to lightscape. 

Lightscape is the most awesome server around.

Its proven to shock you every time!





-New Client, New Home, New Everything to be released:


(Warning: With this update you will need to get the new client to play also some of your accounts data will be cleared when transferred.)

View the update forum Here and Here for pictures and status.


 Current Server Status:




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 Since this server is new we need some ideas so please tell me or my partner at msn 


Gamerscapee@hotmail.com or 





*[Legal] The RS base is under the right of Jagex. You can play the oringinal "Runescape" Here. All sound effects/Maps/Data/Items(Oringinal)/characters/Animations/Npc's are property of Jagex. 


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